Hello Guys, I recently passed my AWS developer associate exam, I thought of sharing some tips and tricks and other materials which I used to ace this certification that will help you to achieve the same. I am not putting the structure and breakdown of the exam syllabus. …

The Image Policy Webhook is the part of the Admission Controllers in the Kubernetes, work is to intercepts requests to the Kubernetes. So how to use the image policy webhook (using Kube-Image Bouncer), to run the webhook inside the K8’s cluster.

Check out the Kubernetes document:- https://kubernetes.io/docs/reference/access-authn-authz/admission-controllers/#imagepolicywebhook


  1. You need to…

The Certified Kubernetes Security Specialist (CKS) exam is released in Nov.2020 and it is getting so much popularity amongst the three Kubernetes certification exams, having the CKA is the pre-requisite for this exam. You need to answer around 15 questions in the exam, under the 2 hrs.

CKS Curriculum v1.20

Minimize Microservice Vulnerabilities…

Hi Guys, for the last 5–10 days I am working on the OpenLDAP implementation and all the configuration and authentication is working fine for me, but the issue which is there is with the password caching (which will be useful in the case when the LDAP server is down or…

New Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) exam has some changes related to time and curriculum which is listed below and now the Duration of the exam is also changed to 2 hours having a total of 16–17 questions all of them are scenario-based.

NEW CKA_Curriculum_v1.19

Cluster Architecture, Installation & Configuration — 25%
Workloads &…

Hello, Guys Today I implemented, how to use HashiCorp vault for the Gitlab CI-Variables. So, I think might be I Need to Write about it how to configure it and use it.

Gitlab just releases this feature of using vault for the Gitlab-CI variables in the Gitlab 13.4 version, For…

Hello Guys, This is my first blog on medium. Today I will tell you about how to install GUI on the Kali-Linux running inside an EC2-Instance. So guys Let’s get started.

Step1: First of all Login into you EC2-Instance:

using command:

ssh -i key.pem user@<instance-ip>

Step2: sudo apt update &&…

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